Located in Los Angeles, there are many high-end designers who are looking to turn their factories into zero-waste companies. The fashion world creates so much waste and we want to change that in one simple way - repurposing scraps and remnants. Was wondering what your thoughts are on this and if you think there would be a need for remnant high-end silks and cottons. We could sell in bags assorted by colors or misc. varieties, possibly ranging from $5-$25/per bag. These are all very high-end couture materials.

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What a fabulous idea!

Yes, do go ahead!!

Wish I lived closer...

We have so called scrap stores over here in the UK, were companies can recycle their usuable waste and the public can buy for little money... I get loads of lovely fabrics from my local scrap store.

Hi nina,

would you let me know where I coudl find out more about fabric scrap shops in the UK?

The idea from Raven&Lily is great, but I also unfortunately live too far away.

many thanks,

Yes absolutely!

This is something I have been sourcing for my range. There are many other designers who also create small ranges and one-off items created from 'waste' fabrics.

What size are the scraps and remnants you've sourced so far? Do you have pieces over 1 metre?
Your pricing is difficult to judge without knowing how large/small the bags are - but it doesn't seem too pricey.

Good luck - it's a wonderful idea.

most of our scraps range from 30cm to 1 metre or so. they're all remnants so it totally varies but they are all so beautiful and some amazing things could be made from them!
the lady and husband who set up esthetica at LFW have a brand called from somewhere....they may be on this site...they work this way with italian factories...it is a great idea esp if its done so orderly...i would be interested in sportswear companies though and have been trying to network with those like this

but go for it!
This is a great idea! I work only in remnants and repurposed fabrics, and find ways to reuse my own cutting scraps (anything bigger than 1 inch by 1 inch is fair game). Like Helen, I'd need to know how much comes in a bag, but I think I'd be a customer!

Why hasn't anyone done this before? It's a wonderful idea.

That’s such a fantastic idea, I say definitely go for it but like the others, i am from the UK too :(
I'm on the look out for where I can find scrap fabrics as well so If anyone knows, Please do share.

I wish I lived near buy to buy these fabric bags
All the best!
I am interested too. But like the others,i would like to know the sizes,colours and quantity.
I believe we can form a good partnership.
I am fashion design student in Academy of Arts University. Selling remnants is a very good idea. Being a student, I thinks this a very good opportunity for students like me who want to make a sustainable collection. I don't know about scraps, but I like the idea of remnants for fashion since there is enough yardage for making garments.


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