Hello New Yorkers!

Who wants to get together for a summer EFF NYC social? I've been talking with Bahar Shahpar and Tara St James about doing it a little different from our last socials- possibly at a more intimate setting where we can all really engage in dialogue with one another. I'd love to hear what evenings/nights work best for you and also if you have any suggestions on how we can make our socials even better.

The overall goal of these get togethers are not only for networking and sharing ideas, it's creating a foundation for NYC designers, innovators, entrepreneurs, and like-minded individuals to grow together as a unit. Afterall, "sustainable relationships" are for the long-term.


Rita Luppino

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Hi Rita,
I like the idea of a more quiet place to meet so that there is more dialogue. I can offer my AIR gallery space in DUMBO at 111 front Street. Its one stop more than the east broadway restaurant we met in (on the F train or the A train). Perhaps the next meeting could be a brainstorming on how to make the meetings better for everyone.
Hi Daria,

I agree with the brainstorming session. Tara St James mentioned that we can meet in Brooklyn at her studio as well (I'm not sure the exact location). I'll wait to hear back from more people than we can decide on a location. Thank you for offering your gallery space. Maybe we can change locations each time to switch up the creative environment!

Hi Abigail,

I'm looking forward to finally meeting you! It looks like we will be having the next EFF gathering at Tara's. Daria, thank you for offering your space- maybe the next time we can have it there to change things up! I will be sending out an email with and posting the event on this site with the details soon; here's a heads-up:

June 24th @ 8pm at Tara's space in Williamsburg.

Hope to see you there!


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