FABRYAN is a womenswear & accessories brand with ethical values. We are based in London, and our collections are designed and produced in the UK. At FABRYAN we combine both high-end fashion and social development that embodies our philosophy as a luxury brand with ethical values.


We are looking for Part time Graphic Design intern. Please email info@fabryan.com with your CV and Portfolio.


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My name is Khandokar Shahnewaz Hossain.and my nationality isBangladeshi. 
Currently I am working as a  G R C designer in Doha, Qatar.
I am fashion and product designer. I am specialzed in handcrafted products, such as clothing, saries, kurta’s scarfs, interior products, like bedcovers, cushions, wallhanigngs, bags and small products like purses, jewelry boxes and pencil cases. 
The techniques I use for producing these products are handstitching like, the popular and traditional Nakshi Kantha’s waxprinting and block printing All products are produced with natural dye & natural 

From 2000  to 2010 I worked for a NGO named Kumudini Welfare Trust in Bangladesh.
I served as a chief designer in their handicraftdepartment, named Kumudini Handicrafts. Kumudini is a well-known and established brand in Bangladesh. I made many innovative products for them,  

Besides their national succes Kumudini handicrafts works international with companies like People Tree UK.,  Fellisimo, Shapla Neer, several Dutch companies like Care Trade, Generous Gesture The Netherlands and several Japanes buyers.

From 2010-2011 I worked (part time) as a Chief Designer at Alif Embroidery Village Ltd., Bangladesh. 

Computerprograms I work with are Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Bryce5. Willcom. 

I am trained in Design Technology, Design & product development, Surface Design and Fashion Design.

Thank you



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