I am a BA Fashion Design student at the University of Westminster in London. I have just finished my second year of studies and have decided to take a year out to travel and gain experience of the fair trade and eco-friendly fashion industry, before returning to university and completing the last year of my course.

Fashion has been an interest to me for as long as I can remember and I have been determined for several years to make it my career. I hope to be involved in a label that is eco-friendly and promotes fair trade, ensuring everyone along the supply chain benefits from the company both in monetary terms and by encouraging improved techniques and ideas.

My parents both work in the international development sector and as a child I was fortunate to travel to many countries. I spent the first two years of my life living in Nepal, then my primary school years in the countryside of England. When I was twelve I moved with my family to Malawi where I spent six years at secondary school. We also travelled to various other countries for short periods. I then moved back to England to further my education at university in London. I have had the opportunity to see many different cultural styles and fashions and to gain an understanding of economic and business issues. My background has given me the intention to incorporate development work into my future career.

I feel I would benefit greatly from a placement, either paid or unpaid, with a company with similar ideals to my own. I am motivated and easy to get on with and would be happy to help in any way as well as observing and learning from the way the company works.

Katie Lane

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Hi Katie!

Im the Regional marketing & design adviser for a network organistaion called HomeNet - www.homenetsouthasia.org. Im currently posted with the Nepal office setting up a trade facilitation centre for the home based workers / artisans they are working with. We are looking for fashion designers so send over your CV and any images of your work if you fancy a trip to Nepal this summer!


Thanks for your message, I would love to get involved! Nepal had not been on my list of places to go this year but it is very tempting to try and fit it in! If you tell me an email address i will send over my CV and some images and hopefully we can organise something. I have a paid job from now until september then a placement in London, so was planning to start traveling from january, would this be too late? Roughly when would you be looking for me to be available and for how long?

Thanks again,



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