Invisible solutions for problems mostly lead us into, more problems than solutions!

Under artificial Malls light real fabrics appear more real , immediately our desires are shaped and the life is run along.Other wise simple style turns into complex one .
Ignorance of consumers help the marketers turn ordinary things into extra-ordinary evils.

When GM food and cultivation  was introduced it was supposed to eradicate all evils in cultivation . Nano technology in food entered in the form of fertilizers and pesticides . Taking advantage of farmers ignorance it was introduced , this resulted in heavy poison in food .

Similarly now Nano technology  introduced nano garments . Like GM seeds these garments are entirely a new entity . Lobbyists argued with governments there is nothing new in this to regulate it . General report is only news paper release satisfied by urban population who are already in the grip of greed to get cheaper food prices , long store capacity and high profit is satisfying . Rural agro population innocent to nano science welcomed it , now they are in deep trouble . Nano technology moved slowly from fibers seed to dying . Nano dyes and nano fibers embedded with metalic molecules are inseperable .

Large corporations green washing is invisible success in nano technology application to garments . Scientists have done good work and have passion to do it . Industry that were to be met eco -death  saved bypolitical lobbists  and reporters.  Large corporation have done good job of nano green garments and have passion in doing is their philosophy , vision and mission . They build false philosophical concepts  telling that sustainablity will save this planet. Profit  balanced  with sustainablity is their fresh invented concept  to introduce nano tech garments  in underwears.   

Those 3%of the global population who are evolved and creative are able to be sensitive to this subject are able to vent out their feelings that large corporations cannot be trusted for green revolutions. In fact modern science in micro biology is nothing to innovate . Our ancestors have  done all research and  given us more than enough range of fabrics and garments  to live  in this earth . 

They can manipulate only the ignorance of government officials and public. This great tradition of conspiracy is like a banian tree everywhere flourishing in West , it cannot in the rural areas of third world. But it is welcome in the end it will topple the entire structure of biosphere. It is in this part our life is sustained . Food, garments , paints , gadgets are now loaded with his free molecules . Hence we need to do de-discover now what ever scientist do in these areas .

It was proved beyond doubt many viruses invented for depression, fatigue like conditions are false claims and the de-discovery is started in medicine field. In other similar fields also we must start with de-discovery check. Packages, containers , contents and fibers must be given to special department ad hoc set up by U.N. level world bodies .If proved correct impeachment must be given to these intstitutions , researchers. 

We have long forgot to celebrate ordinary things. In this fresh millanium we must learn this to continue our life on the bio-sphere.

We have made some 33 garments some 3 decades ago . They were Ethnic Dyed on natural color on natural fibers .We applied on exprimental level and made replica of our 18 th century garments and fabrics . People looked upon us as Saturnic then.Now they found them useful  and good , but come our with the disatisfaction that the colors are dull and  subdued , it is not certainly like nano  fabrics  the Japan and U.S. is making . It is denim jeans  but looks like slave garments. Since their eye ball being psychically changed of 100/150 years with chemical colors  this is the complaint . Poor souls, know not that their eye balls washed by chemical and now afresh nano hit .We have become unfit to live in this  ordinary earth.  

Now justice available to this evil world only from Saturn.In the last 2 years  changes are coming from real sources , but people cannot  understand .

 Visit us at . These are colors very familiar to one but seen long long time ago . They are true fibers and real colors , faith in ordinary technology of our ancestors . Old is Gold .

Gold is not lack of imagination , it comes to one when dug dug lots of earth  as simple  result .


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