Hi All,

This project is focusing on sustainable clothing initiatives within the Ghanaian Fashion Industry and wider African Fashion Industry supported by the Ghana Ministry of Trade and Industry.
We are working on three issues that may be of interest to you as below:-

* Preventing/minimising second hand clothing that is exported to
Ghana (to include from the UK) for reuse going to landfill in practice.
We are interested in opportunities to reuse the clothing as raw materials in new clothes as well as other options to prevent this practice.
* A forthcoming trade show Clothes Show Live Ghana promoting Ghana based sustainable clothing designers and suppliers chain.
* Trade Buyers sourcing from major suppliers chain, there is going to be a Clothes and Textile Summit October in Ghana plus the main Trade show taking place next year, with Trade Buyers traveling from the UK to Ghana and some leading UK designers trading with Ghana designers, if you are interested please get in touch, or if you want more information about the Summit, the presentation, topic, speakers please keep checking this space.

Any comment and suggestion, discussing is welcome

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I am based in Ghana and i will need more information on the Clothes Show Live Ghana coming on in October
Dear Edwina,

We are hosting a summit on 22-25 Oct I will update you with regards to venue and speaker



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