Hi, I'm Eco Designer Anna Herman. What is the difference between peace silk & raw silk . I know you don't want silk that is  boiled or gased. If its Raw are the worms still killed in the process? Is raw silk the old name for peace silk ? mostly when we use silk its something  picked up second hand. How do you tell what you should be  using ? we are mainly hemp, organic cotton,& repurposed. I quit buying Hemp /silk  because I figured it was bad.


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Hi Anna,

I am a sustainable fabric sourcing consultant based in Atlanta and work with numerous artisans and organic, Fair Trade/labor mills in India and Nepal.

Most silk is reeled from cocoons that are boiled because the silk then obtained has longer strands and has a shine when woven. 

Raw silk can be either peace or conventional...the difference is the processing. Certain silks like muga are woven from silk reeled from cocoons that are found (collected in the forest) after the worms have left. That is peace silk. I also source another 'Ahimha' or peace silk from another hand loom artisan weaver in india who has started a method of sericulture where he allows the silk worms to complete their life cycle and then uses the cocoons for his silk production.

Silk produced from these broken cocoons is slightly less shiny than the regular silk....I love it for that quality!

Would be glad to answer any other questions you might have.




Thanks  Barkha, Thats very interresting. How do they process raw silk  that  isn't one of the types you mentioned ? Are they killing the worm ? Is gased considered raw silk sometimes ? My customers ask many questions. I like the silk but I want to make sure its Humane Silk . thats another term  for Peace silk Right ?
So in general do people believe that the  peace silk  from the  shorter  strands isn't as beautiful ? The raw silk I have has a less shiny finish.


Hello Anna Harman

As you ver asking the difference between peace n raw silk ........... i found details on this link 

Peace Silk ("Ahimsa Silk") emphasizes the humane treatment of the silk worms that produce the lovely silk filaments. For this variety of silk, the silkworm is allowed to emerge from the cocoon naturally; only then are the cocoons unwound. Because the silkworm makes a hole in the cocoon in order to emerge, the strand is no longer unbroken, resulting in shorter fibers, so the silk is spun rather than reeled. There is often a cream or light brown coloration to peace silk as well. 

Indian fashion designer Samant Chauhan is making an impact on the fashion scene with his new collections that use "nonviolent silk" made in Bhagalpur, India. His re-interpretations of what "raw silk" looks like on the runway are truly inspiring.


Thanks Chandrakant,

I have seen that  cream or light brown you speak of. I hope you are making a difference. So much to know.


I was looking into this myself go to this website very informative 



may I introduce myself as supplier of organic GOTS certified silk fabric and Peace Silk (non-violent silk) from India?

My company Seidentraum is a wholesale dealer and online shop for consumers with the focus on organic, non-violent  and FairTrade silk textiles. I offer mainly fabrics and jerseys, but also ladies' fashion, baby clothing, scarves, yarns, fibers and cocoons.


You can register in the shop as a B2B client and I can send you my info folder with a lot of details (price lists) of Peace Silk and Organic Silk.

Best regards



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