I'm interested in buying woven clothing fabrics made of hemp or nettle. Any ideas where to find?


Thanks for your help!


Best regards,

Anniina Nurmi




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Hi Anniina, we have a number of hemp and nettle fabrics on our site at http://www.source4style.com. We are a B2B online marketplace that allows designers to source more sustainable materials (and eventually services) from a curated network of global suppliers. Let us know if you find what you're looking for. You can order swatches, sampling or production yardage - just look for the minimums for each product.


Happy sourcing!

Hi Annina,

Please check out my website www.barkha.com. I have numerous nettle and hemp fabrics listed there and have added a lot more to my portfolio since the website was made. Please email me and let me know what your requirements are.




Hi Anniina. Not sure if you have found what you're looking for - but we have a bunch on www.source4style.com.


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