Any ideas on where to source eco-friendly manufacturers, suppliers and factories in China? We are working on trying to promote  more socially responsible strategies when producing in China. Our aim is to provide tailored  packages to brands covering alternative methods to their development process. Any feedback on this subject is greatly appreciated.

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Hi Farah, there are manufacturers that are trying to produce eco-friendly products in China, the problem is it is difficult to make sure about the authenticity of their eco-friendly practices. Sustainable culture is developing in China but it's still not wide spread. obviously factories have sensed what to them seems to be a "new trend" so more and more are trying to sell their products as organic but as I said everything should be verified as we are not really at the stage where things can be taken for granted. I live in China and worked in purchasing/manufacturing for several years. recently I got interested in sustainability issues and I am trying to research more into this topic. If I can be of further assistance, you can contact me by sending me a message. Have a good day! Mariella

Hi Mariella!

Thanks so much for your reply. Im unable to send you a message until I 'add' you. Im a little new to this network! ;-)

I've been doing alot fo research, and true to what you're saying..I see that China for reasons of trend or otehrwise have indeed been undergoing at least some implementations regarding a more sustainable industry.

However, what Im interested in is the people like you and I who live in China, and are active towards this goal. I feel like if we could 'bridge' and assure brands-under our supervision or trained others- that manufacturing in China can indeed, be eco-friendly, we can jump start a more confident direction towards helping brands move their production in a more sustainable fashion while still taking advantage of lower production costs.


I have alot of interesting articles if you're interested. Take care.



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