I'm from Australia, and we've just come to the end of fashion week here. I'm not usually too interested in the glitz and glamour and err... underweight models of fashion week, but this year it started with a nice little bang.

Two big Aussie fashion labels (Ginger & Smart and Lisa Ho) opened the event basking in the glow of their freshly attained 'sweat-free' accreditation by Ethical Clothing Australia. Here - that is HUGE.

We're not really up to speed with ethical fashion down here, and that's a big win.

It's exciting to see things trucking along in the right direction.

Is accreditation taking off in other parts of the world?

Jen x

Bluecaravan :: ethical design

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Hi Jen,
I know how you feel! Canada is the same way but has been very strongly heading in that direction . . which thrills me! I'm trying very hard to connect with Canadian outfits rather than from the UK, which has been far ahead in the ethical fashion dept! Shipping overseas is not exactly promoting ways to reduce greenhouse gasses!

Have a look at my site - newsletter is at http://bit.ly/16sNpf - then click around!

Anxious to see yours.

Best rgds.,
Hi, great get your reply!

...yes carbon miles are an issue, but at the same time buying products outside the scope of 'sweatshops' brings life to this fledgling alternative economy. I think that by supporting ethical fashion (although local is ideal) will bring it into closer view to the benefit of all.

Realistically, the industry needs to grow to the point that people have 'real' choices that don't compromise their own individuality and style, and the more this happens, the more local choice they will have!

What are your thoughts?

Jen x
Bluecaravan :: ethical design
i read on prior comments that we all have questions about certification. In USA certified organic foods means expensive licensing whereas the small van guard farmers that started organic practices a long time ago can hardly afford to be what they in fact re-pioneered and are! So here it is a “good/bad” at once.

Also we have LEEDS certification for building which according to an architect friend of mine who worked with the other developers who all got fed up with it, says its more trouble than it is worth,. I suspect big contractors are probably playing games with the whole of it. I am not sure of the specifics. Anyway once our gov gets involved and they are shanghaied by lobbyists the whole certification thing becomes another way to control markets. Instead of working pro people and giving the original sustainable leaders the kudos they deserve. (Well unless they are big and or useful for a plug or promo)

Fashion as certified by EFF or some other entity that also looks out for the small business and entrepreneurs, the people doing slow fashion "because its the right thing to do."...now that protection and help, alignment of information and support....that might be a plus for consumers, designers, industry workers, environment and all living things!



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