Is there anyone in the Midlands.
Who are interested in the first social event?
Please get back to me, because I have several possible places to hold this event.
Everyone is welcomed to give feedback.

Look forward to hearing from you soon.

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Yeah there

We have strong connections with the midlands and would love a social there. Our offices are based in Leicestershire....what about you?

Thanks for replying. Ok I don't have offices, but I am thinking of 3 great places in Birmingham with easy access e.g (public transport and parking) getting to the venue. I think the social event should last around 2 hours or less.
Sounds good. Do you know of any others that may be interested? I've tried this before and its difficult to get people involved if your not London based.
"If you invite them they will come." This should be the motto for this event. I hope
just read my reply at it seems quite rude (sorry)

Shall we be brave, set a date and get the ball rolling? Start of Feb?
Hi, I just only joined the forum and am based in northants so travelling to brum would be more convenient for me than London though still a drive...glad there are a few people not actually in london - felt a bit lost up to now here :)

EFF Social Event

Inviting you and guests to the first Ethical Fashion Social Event in association with EFF (Ethical Fashion Forum Network).

What is Ethical Fashion Social Event about?

This social event is open to everyone interested to network about anything to do with being ethical A to Z. This is the first event and I believe it would be good to keep things open to all within the creative industries.

This Event is happening on Thursday 28th January 2010 at the Warehouse Cafe from 7:00pm . The duration for this event will be around 1/2 hours. Weather permitting!

Look forward to seeing you


Information about about EFF - Ethical Fashion Forum

Information and Directions for Warehouse Cafe
Hi All,

I realise this was posted a while back but just to say I am based in Leicestershire and would love to be involved if you organise another midlands social


I'm a student in Nottingham and very interested in getting involved in another social event in the Midlands!
Let me know if anything goes ahead!

Thanks, Jaz


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