My company, ECO-OIKO, focuses on sourcing niche, unique and fashionable high quality products from Asia, Africa and South America, but unlike other similar products, all of ours have a high demonstrable sustainable social impact. Our products tailor to this growing movement of ecological but fashionable consumers. 
Some of examples of our products are high end handbags produced from recycle waste materials in India by women that get employed on fair terms, paying them decent salaries allowing them to send their kids to school and save money. Other products include artisan work and home ware accessories produced in Sri Lanka from newspaper by communities of women that survived the 2004 Tsunami in SE Asia or high end stationary from elephant dung paper that goes towards funding elephant orphanages in Sri Lanka as part of our "Save the Elephant" campaign.
We are already successfully selling some of our products in Dubai, Spain and Germany through established retailers and distributors, and would like to grow in the UK too. Catalogues and samples are available. 
Feel free to contact me at 

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