Hi i am flying in from Seattle Wa USA and would like to meet up with people in London 2/19-2/24 . The sustainable fashion scene in Seattle really needs some sparking and i admire how all of you are working to create the next fashion paradigm. I would like to gather and discuss anything relevant as what helps you might be transportable and the more people understand the stakes and see the alternatives.....the better we all shall be. ...in health and style and happiness!

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If you fancy a trip out to Bristol, the largest fairtrade fashion show in the Uk is going on - 25th Feb at bristol cathedral - don't miss it!
Go to: www.fairwearfashionshow.org.uk - great fashion, great inspiration

Jenny Foster x
and of course there's also the copenhagen fashion festival. you can find that under events where i posted it. that's from the 10-14 february and although it's not officially an ethical event it's in COPENHAGEN which is quite the green city and host of last month's conference on climate change plus there will be a green walk. the environment should still be buzzing with climate change discussion and some up and coming scandinavian designers.

i hope to get to bristol as well! should be an explosive february :D cheers.
Thank you both. I would love to go to Bristol and Copenhagen but this is a fixed date trip. 20th -24th is my in London time frame.

Is the ethical fashion forum a place where one can pop in and find out more about "everything'? Trying to inspire people in Seattle to work together is a real hard sell, the indy thing has much to offer but to work some things together empowers all. Finding examples of what works in the UK is a big part of my trip because then i have solid info, proof !

Also the sustainable Fashion Center, is that a place where i could talk to someone about the curriculum, how it fits with the "regular" fashion side of the College.etc? To spread the change for change fast enough to overwhelm the old model is something i feel compelled to push as fast as possible. I am not one of those extremely patient types. However i am not a pushy American either, (really!) just dedicated to improving what i can.
I'm not yet sure of any big events going on as far as the ethical fashion front goes but will definitely be around LFW as well if you're looking to get together and chat about ethical fashion I'm more than happy to do so. Please let me know if you hear of anything or feel like setting something up in London!
Hi Samuel,
I would like that.. I know i am going to see Nicola of Beautiful Soul at the Esthetique collective pop up near Liberty but it would be great to meet up with as many people in the sustainable fashion arena , anywhere in the product lifecycle of clothing, fashion. I really am trying to get the USA to spark up a bit and the more stories, photos, info on the best and what needs work, all the grand bits that make for change and the questions changes bring up....that is all part of this journey. Know one knows it all but the experiment is necessary and gathering to work on possible solutions and playing with ideas is the best way to visualize that change for the better.
If you can gather a few others or if just we two fine. I am looking at the 23 or 24th as the best. Maybe meet at the Vand A or ? I am open to suggestions...just don't want to get too lost. I will be near Hyde Park for the duration.
Thanks so much, deb


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