Yvon Chouinard
Let My People Go Surfing

I hear this is a very good one for ethics and business.
What are your thoughts? Have you read it? like it or hated it?

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This book is excellent! Inspiring and educational - it details a man and a business that was founded in love of the great outdoors. I learnt so much from this book - it gives a lot of technical details about fabric construction - using recylced poly and the pioneering of their own fibres that are more ethically responsible for the environment. Chouinard is a champion of the environment and his story (of Patagonia) bears testimony to how we can make a ethically responsible product and influence those around us.
thanks for your comments Chantal. I have ordered it so look forward to reading it.
Just having finished reading this business autobiography, I am inspired and in awe about this man and his company. His honest passion, compassion and love of the active outdoor lifestyle is something I can identify with; I would strive to follow his example, even in just some of the issues he succesfully addressed.
Have you read it yet jaqui?
Hey Anja
Yes I agree! I completed it not too long after the posting. Fantastic read. Great thoughts and inspiring teaching.
Loved it and highly recommend it to others


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