I have been frustrated personally over the years in sourcing ethical fashion for even sized 16's and 18's.  One can only survive on a limited amount of fairly traded t-shirts from M&S (though this years tees do not seem to have the fair-trade logo anymore - was it just a trend initially or what?).  

When you go to the traditional plus size fashion shops - all it is unnatural fabrics - I am a linen, silk, wool, rayon gal and walk out feeling quite despondent.  In a way plus size people are being forgotten about when it comes to fashion.   


So what is it that plus size clothing manufacturers not embrace ethical fashion that is traceable and eekk sustainable, and why don't ethical fashion designers consider larger sizes? 

Tad tongue in cheek - I can source materials and fabrics etc... though I cannot design.  Anyone interested in starting up an ethical fashion line for plus sizes??  Seriously, please feel free to contact me. 



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Hi Ngaire,


Further to this - I actually take offence that 'plus-size' women are called 'plus-size' at all - given that the average size of women )in the UK, at least) is a 16, what is 'plus' about it?!


I'm a fashion illustrator, and recently I was carrying out a commission for a company who create fashion for so-called 'plus-size' women, and in researching, I discovered that size 12 models are now described as 'plus-size'.


An absolute disgrace - does anyone out there agree?!





Dear Carol, 


I totally agree regarding the plus size title and of course find it offensive, makes you wonder as the average size is 16 at the same time sizes are variable depending on the designer/house/company.  So you can vary from a 12 right through to a 16.  


Universal sizing is an area to address at the same time the lack of "plus". 







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