As someone who lives a green lifestyle and who happens to be "plus size and disabled" I am extremely frustrated with the ethical fashion industry. Bottom line it is NOT ACCESSIBLE. Apart from high street retailers like Asos and Tesco doing fairtrade and organic basics, i.e t shirts and vests, up to a size 20 and there is virtually NOTHING fashionable from any of the major ethical designers or labels in the UK. As far adaptive clothing just forget it.

So I ask forum members just because someone is curvy or disabled does this exclude them from wanting to look and feel good? Does this exclude them from applying their ethical values to their clothing choices? Is the ethical fashion industry truly ethical if we are excluding a percentage of our population?

So what are we going to do about it?

I know what I'm doing but I am just a pebble in a vast ocean.....hopefully the ripples I create touch someone.


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Hi Deidre,

I feel your frustration, I'm very new to  this and have only started my equality & diversity based eco-wear brand: - I guess you're looking for various types of garments, at the moment I only source tees, sweatshirts, hoodies, etc. and apply my own branded prints, or those of clients.

I did use a supplier who had sizes up to 3 or 4XL, but this supplier proved to be disappointing and put me in more debt! I don't have the same problem you do, but the problem I do have is finding ethical fashion bloggers that include print designs, not just the needle & thread designer fashion.

I can't find anyone to offer garment samples and write-ups to, in order to raise my profile and get the write about my brand...

Thank you,



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