Practising mindfulness can reduce negative feelings that often trigger compulsive urges of buying to feel 'good', says Alison Armstrong.

Crowds of shoppers surround Stella McCartney's fashion collection at H&M, Oxford Circus, London. Photograph: Dan Chung for the Guardian

If we really are a nation of shopaholics, then maybe there's something to be learnt from studying self-declared shopping addicts. That was the premise behind a ground-breaking RESOLVE study which followed a small group of people trying to 'cure' their addiction to shopping using innovative 'mindfulness' training.

Shopping addiction, or oniomania, affects an estimated 8-16% of Britain's adults; that's 8 million people. The stereotype is that more women are affected than men. Research, including our own, shows this to be true. But if you include gadgets, sports equipment and computer accessories/software, then it's as prevalent among men and problematic.

Six self-confessed shopping addicts volunteered to learn mindfulness over an eight week period, and the changes in them were extraordinary. They experienced lessening of depression and anxiety that had driven them to shop, and reported feeling happier and more accepting of themselves.

Crucially, participants seemed to have a greater sense of who they are, and what they really needed on psychological and material levels.

They also reported feeling stronger, more able to understand the triggers for shopping urges, and to choose moment by moment whether they would indulge those urges.

Three months after the end of the mindfulness course, depression and shopping levels among those who attended the training had relapsed slightly, but not to the levels at the beginning. So although these results are positive and encouraging, wider social and cultural changes are clearly needed to support individual efforts.

Extract taken from:Alison Armstrong for the Guardian Professional Network, Monday 27 June

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