I'm currently investigating consumer buying behaviour of ethical fashion for my post-graduate research project and have developed a questionnaire for people to fill in. It would be really interesting to get some of your views;


I would really appreciate if you could please complete the questionnaire, it shouldn't take up much of your time and would be of great help to me.


The link is:   https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/BL37JVS


If you copy and paste it into your browser it should take you to the questionnaire.


A big thank you in advance for those of you who complete it.


Kind Regards,


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Hi I will do it right now. I also have a survey investigating consumer behaviour,


The link is: http://home.wmin.ac.uk/psychology2/Amy2/consumption.asp


Also copy and paste into your browser!


Many thanks


Amy Harris

Hi Amy,


I see the survey is closed but if you still need more info I would be happy to complete one :)





Hi Hannah,


Thanks so much for offering to complete my questionnaire, I've re-opened it for you, here is the link:



Thanks again for your help.



Hi Amy,


Great just completed that, the questions were really clear and concise so I hope my answers help you :)




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