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A group to explore some of the wider issues and trends in the world of business and international development.

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This group is for pioneers in the world of ethical fashion who would like to learn more about, and contribute to, some of the wider debates that are happening around the role of business in fighting poverty.

Across the world, businesses - large and small - as well as governments and aid agencies are reassessing how to harness the power of business for development impact. This is driven by a realisation that giving people the opportunity to get a job or grow a business is the best, most sustainable way to end poverty.

Below are some links to resources that you might find useful. These are hosted on Business Fights Poverty, a partner site to the Ethical Fashion Forum. We will regularly post blogs and discussions here, and would encourage you to do the same!

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Comment by Ishwari Vijay Thopte on March 24, 2011 at 17:21

Hi All,


I'm looking for ethical and fair-trade manufacturers and suppliers interested in expanding their business in the far east by participating in the Blueprint trade fair in Singapore this summer. This is an exciting opportunity as I have a lot of eastern designer's who are interested in outsourcing to green factories in South East Asia. Can the interested parties please mail me on asap?



Comment by shailini sheth amin on February 25, 2011 at 21:06

'MORALFIBRE - We are very pleased to let you know that recently we received a funding from the Indian Govt. Textiles for ‘Integrated Skill Development Programme’ for skill upgradation of 5000 artisans in hand spinning, weaving and processing in Gujarat, India.  This is a 5 years programme and we are of course, very excited about it.  This will give us an opportunity to develop even superior fabrics and contribute to increasing earning power of the artisans. 


'MORALFIBRE frees the environment from pollution and depletion and frees people from poverty.'


For our large range of  'Almost Carbon Neutral' fabrics, furnishings and feel well fashions please contact us.  We have cottons, silks and wool.  We are looking for buyers and agents worldwide.  please contact us on,
Comment by Moira F. Studio on August 13, 2010 at 20:56
I'm Italian and passionate about global and development issues. I think it's important that we are grateful for what we currently have and that we continue improving the quality of people's lives...also in the poorest countries of the world. I’m freelance pattern & dress-maker with a considerable experience in teaching, but it has long been my intention to follow a career as trainer in the developed countries. This lead me enrolling at ASVI school of management for social change in Rome where I’m following the Master in Project Manager of NGOs. The Master will conclude in the coming months and it is giving me a considerable insight into the sector and as well as tool and practical knowledge to get a first foot the first on the ladder. Research for my dissertation examining “ Ethical Fashion in Palestine” has been a great opportunity to increase my understanding in this field. I’ve only carried out a feasibility study on this project, but it has been a great experience, and I would be delighted if one day this dream comes true. The basic goal of this project is to reduce unemployment levels of Palestinian women in the traditional textile sector, designing a special assistance programs using the potential offered by “ETHICAL FASHION”. In particular the project aims to upgrade some existing local skills in the cultural Palestinian heritage, and at the same time to trig a series of action in the field of marketing and quality controls to bring their products to the market. This is not a easy task, and should be looked at as an evolving process that should have specific strategy. The investigation I have done has been detected a extreme fragility of the Palestinian textile production system, due to an economic dependence on Israel, and the inability to make new modern proposals. In order to find potential channels in the international market, I’ve chosen to focus the project on three main levers Protection of Palestinian handicrafts traditions, innovative vocational training programs, and modern marketing approach strategy. Regarding this I’ve already contacted local associations who have begun to take steps in Ethical fashion field, and this shed some new lights on this issue because – although the high number of problem they are facing – there has always been an active and dynamic forces within this Palestinian producing sector: young human resources, growing index of production , strong interest in open their economy in the Mediterranean area. In order to make this project possible, I need to develop new collaborative relationship. In Italy “ethical fashion” movement is still young and it does not have a efficient and organized network . Fair Trade is a slow process…and I’m still on the journey For this reason is important for me to build a very valuable network of forward thinking individuals who can help me to explore potential products, concepts, choices, and initiatives that will translate this project into effective operational plans. Thanks you all beforehand for any advice, idea, and inspiration you kind enough to furnish me.
All the best! Moira
Comment by shailini sheth amin on July 26, 2010 at 21:50
'MORALFIBRE' frees the environment from pollution and depletion and frees people from poverty.'
Hi, I am a founder and CEO of MORALFIBRE working to market and promote 'almost carbon neutral' and socially sustainable fabrics in India. I have been following Business fights Poverty initiative. I get a feeling that the set up is more geared towards Africa. I am very keen to get involved and or initiate its work in India. Can you give any info. on that? Thanks
Comment by May Cortazzi on June 9, 2010 at 20:18

This is May Cortazzi from UKFEA 2010 Anja and I have set up some online forums and groups
which brings together people from Indonesia, Asia and across the World in order to discuss, share
and exchange ideas regarding ethical fashion on the archipelago.

These groups will connect together designers, fabric supplies, small producers, manufacturers, media and
universities all with an interest in Ethical Fashion.

The forums will help bring people together on an international level, help raise awareness, explore innovative
eco fabrics and promote ethical fashion through workshops, events, fashion shows and exhibitions.

Please join us, share your ideas and invite others who may be interested?

Feel free to start discussions and get involved

Here are the groups you can join below:-

Ethical Fashion Indonesia on NING
Ethical Fashion Forum an International network of ethical designers.

Ethical Fashion Indonesia on Linkedin

Ethical Fashion Indonesia on Facebook

Look forward in hearing from you,

Kind regards

May Cortazzi
Comment by Myriam Morgenstern on June 8, 2010 at 5:24

1- Agents
The agents are the Nogaya sales representatives for agreed territories. Their role is to sell the Nogaya items to deco shops, high street shops, retail chains, etc ... They do report to us regularly on their work. They place the orders with us by email.
• There is a minimum of USD 1,500 per order.
• They make 15% commission on the sale turnover they generate. For instance, the agent sells for USD 1,000, he/she makes USD 150.
• We expect an agent to generate a turnover of at least USD 10,000 a month.
• The commission is paid by money transfer once the customers have fully paid (100%) Nogaya.
• As a fair trade business, and as a partnership goodwill, we expect our agents to buy the samples at wholesale price.
The agents will have to manage the relationships with Nogaya retail customers on behalf of Nogaya. As such, they need to be able to explain the Nogaya marketing stance, especially in terms of lead time to manufacture the women artisans' items. The lead time can go up to 4 months for some items. They also need to talk about our payment terms. As a fair trade business, Nogaya pays its women artisan groups when the order is placed. Hence Nogaya expects its customers to pay a minimum of 50% of the order value at the order, the balance upon delivery.

In order to simplify delivery and to manage import regulations efficiently, Nogaya will sell its products FOB India or Israel. The transport will be arranged by Nogaya and charge at cost. All import duties, VAT and any other local taxes in the import country will be handle by the final customers.

2- Distributors
The distributors are the Nogaya selling arms and representative of Nogaya in agreed territories. They market the Nogaya products to their own network of customers. They organize marketing campaigns and promotions in order to push the sales. They use local advertizing when deemed necessary. They report regularly on sales progress.
• They buy Nogaya products at 70% discount on public selling price and resell to their customers at the public selling price. Based on their knowledge of the local market, they could sell at a higher public selling price and share the difference with Nogaya who in turn could share the extra profits with the women artisans groups in the form of extra training or supports.
• Nogaya expects its distributors to generate a minimum of USD 20,000 a month.
• As a fair trade business, Nogaya requests its distributors to pay 50% of order value at the order, balance upon delivery.
• The minimum order size is USD 5,000.
In order to simplify delivery and to manage import regulations efficiently, Nogaya will sell its products FOB India or Israel. The transport will be arranged by Nogaya and charge at cost. All import duties, VAT and any other local taxes in the import country will be handle by the final customers.

3- Home Event Organizers (HEO)
The home sales are designed for women who would like to help underprivileged women to make a livelihood. The Home Event Organizer promotes Nogaya products to her/his friends.
• Nogaya will offer them 4 items (eg 2 scarves, 1 bed cover and 1 baby pillow) worth approx. USD 500 to compensate her/his time and efforts. The items will be used as samples for the home sale.
• The HEO will commit to take orders for a minimum of USD 5,000.
• Nogaya will provide the HEO with a video and a presentation. The HEO will show case the products, and take orders from his/her friends and encourage his/her friends to organize another home sale. The HEO will collect all advance payment for the orders.
The HEO will send the orders and the money to Nogaya's account the same week at Nogaya's expense.Upon receipt of the money transfer, Nogaya will send the products to the HEO at its own expense. The HEO will distribute them to his/her friends. If any products are out of stock, Nogaya might replace them by similar products.
Comment by Janine Johnston on January 26, 2010 at 6:21
Hi Everybody, I have good news: The eco Design Initiative 2010 is open for entries. You can visit for more information. It will be much appreciated if you can pass on the information to your networks. If you do have feedback, its welcome.
Thanks for your support.
Comment by Janine Johnston on November 17, 2009 at 20:09

No Kak means No Shit and implies exactly that: no waste, no pollution, no harm.
Be part of designing a better quality of life for all.
Comment by Youth for Fair Trade on October 15, 2009 at 14:10

We can now offer places for FREE for the International Youth for Fair Trade Conference, Coventry University 30 Oct - 1 Nov.

The event will bring together passionate 18 to 25-year-olds from around the world in an action packed weekend with inspirational speakers from ground-breaking fair trade projects, practical workshops and team activities.

Conference highlights include:

- What’s Fair in the Fashion Trade? Examining the value chain in the Fashion industry
- Consuming Fashion – discuss the increase in consumption of Fashion Products, its impact (both ethical and sustainable) and how we might address these issues
- Meet experts in Ethical Fashion – such as Anne McMullen (Labour Behind the Label)

Use promo code FAIRTRADE when booking here: for FREE places - subject to availability.

Delegates can also book basic hall floor accommodation for just £5.75 per night as part of the booking process.

For more information call David on 024 7652 1265 or e-mail

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