Fresh plants taken from kitchen garden  ground and cut and chopped and  herbal dye extracted and  fermentd on the organically grown cotton and the nano  capsules in billions are  ready  to give whole protection to human body in the form of Bio Shield . Our human body is made of 5 bio sheaths .

Each sheath has a role to play  neuro psychic level  and these sheaths are protected well by the 5 ethnic colors . 


There are  a dozen super herbs that also yields dyes and tannin which is used as binder to organic cotton .

  Yarn is dyed in  ethnic colors . Mood is imparted  by changing the  dye bath and binders .


Hand loom woven hand made  shirts for men and sarees for women .

100% chemical free . Organic cotton Natural ethnic color dyed .

Easy Living , with Minimum- Objects in Simple Style   is Whole life nirvana is 250 years before style  of life .Exploiting mother nature  inward is the  way of life .

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     Herbal dyed ethnic processed on organic cotton in 5 Indian basic Hues .


They are woven in handloom in twill, chambrays  and plain .

          Twill woven in hand loom has greatdepth to the natural dyed .



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