Hi everybody! 

I'm at the Textile Museum in Washington, D.C. interning. I was wondering if anybody is familiar with Kuba textiles from the Central African region. We have an upcoming exhibit featuring Kuba textiles, traditionally  from The Congo, and we are interested in marketing partners. Pass this on to your colleagues! If you're in North America that's an extra bonus. Thanks.

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Hi Ibada, Ive posted a message with the shop at the Textile Museum.

I dont know about Kuba textiles but interestingly the Miss Africa Scotland 2010 contest was one by a girl from DR Congo fitted out in a pleated skirt, tammie and scarf in my DR Congo tartan whichhas been adopted as a national symbol.
Hi David,

That is interesting. And amazing. Congrats! I'm confused as to who you contacted about the Kuba. The shop in DC? Thanks!
Hi Ibada,

Have you tried Adire African Textiles? They have a small gallery and a blog - Duncan Clarke who writes it is very knowledgable on African textiles so should be able to help. Blogspot at: www.adireafricantextiles.blogspot.com.

Good luck,



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