When it comes to suit, men’s need to be more fashionable because we all know that they always in a hurry. They need more tips when choosing the right suit for them. The reason why I become a fashion designer is to share my ideas in creating a zoot suit for men.

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The suit is the ultimate item of clothing to make a statement of power, wealth and authority. They also help create a sense of trust and this is vital whether you are going to an interview or you’re a pitching for a lucrative business deal.
Your potential employer or client needs to feel that they can trust you. Your appearance is the first indication to someone you are about to meet as to what type of person you are. So their first point of reference would be your clothing. Of course other factors play into what sort of impression you give, such as your tone of voice and what you actually say but we see before we hear so your outfit will make the biggest impact. There are a few important basic rules that should be followed when trying on and buying your new suit.
The Cut
The Fit
The Fabric


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