Your Ethical Business: How to Plan, Start and Succeed in a Company with a Conscience - Paul Allen (Author)

I have in all honesty just started this but thought to recommend it..

So far content and breakdown for ethical business i would rate as a 4 out of 5

will keep you posted

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Judging it by its cover, it sounds good... be interested to hear your conclusion.
im rolling it on...will update you for sure....
Hi ya,

I got my local library to buy it heh heh heh...It's a pretty good book that covers all of the basics and some good tips from established businesses. Nothing like a good inspirational story even if it is from a fruit juice company. The down side is that the majority of the business info and links are from a UK perspective, (which would make it even better if you live in the UK). All the same there was enough global stuff to keep me interested. Definitely geared toward someone that is planning and starting out. Three out of five if you live outside the UK, but I'd agree with Jacqueline on the four if you live in the UK.
glad someone else read it
all opinions are valid
thanks David!


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