Why should not Genuine and totally organic goods in textiles be dull,drab,and subdued.

Live Processed Indigo on Organic Cotton.Dull and Sub-dued.. 


Chemical-Particuled Synthetic Indigo on Re-generated Bamboo Fibre.Shimmering  and exciting to eyes piercingly dramatic.



          It is possible to make Organic and Natural dyed ones in garments  and  be sold in the market for its simple and raw values to society and beneifits to individual. In this world not every body is living  under ego-grip  and have attitude artifically built  to push his personality to achive  wealth and  money.


           This world contains people who are  valuing relation ship in love and marriage, not wealth and money.There are conciouse creative by innate as well delbrately institutes trainned ones , and they  live along with us  acting intutive .We need to recognise and set fresh millanium  fresh green garments be ever fresh wahs after wash.  It is posible to get rid of frear ,confusion and chaeous  and live happily.  If these people are young, as well old  what will they love to  wear . To do search for  simple and raw organic and natural  we took extra lenth of time in our agro farm researc lab. .And when we achived itand now  every side support comes to us .

             Net is one such.Cell is one such. Nano science application to honest purpose to serve humanity is another one. There were customers who had the idea concept and information to  buy and wear simple and raw organics , but they could not  do so for they were in the  fag-end of the millanium which is always an  evil one . This eveil is getting over bu 2015.  Situvation is helpful and they can implement what they desired now .




           The reason for this need of this cociouse soul is they know that majority of the humans are still unable to come out of the illusion they were injected in the hopitals the  anesthesia when they were born. The anesthesia kids are in the illusion, it is they created 96% of the global goods useless to them and others .They are spread like weed in all fields . Now fact have began to speak , people have to change creatively , they need guides . THEY NEED ORGANIC  CROPS TO HARVEST .They are innocents and  can not take the pain and learn  lessons to reform  and transform. They need dead institutes support   for dry lessons to load into brain  like a vessal and go unlearning all the life time  what they learned in  academies . Because academies is our past  experience built not on  creative one. They  allow market to make  dangerous chemical garments  for example . The Natural Indigo dyed denim Jeans made in these days  release its sub atomic particals to blood through  prana and aura and rubbing of our body  when we wear them. One can live healthy life and die disease free only when it is natural Indigo live process dyed not other wise .

 When  DYED WITH NATURAL INDIGO IN LIVE PROSCESS it  is viewed as Art of Ecstasy reflective ,transformative and introvertive .Otherwise made goods are viewed as Arto Of Ego.


           Art of Ecstasy denim Jeans   can last one's life time and is memoire and family heirloom ; mother earth legacy to pass on to next generation.It need not give shimmering and violent and exciting colour effect made of chemical particules that damages human health upto bone morrow.


           Hence totally organic and Natura garment can be dull and drab and subdued and its values is perceived by samll volume of population rural units .Not big companies can make . Big companies can search for truth not in the jungle,because it is dark. They can seek cost cutting only on the cosmopolitan streets for Organic cotton and Indigo dyes . It is naturally expensive .Rurally made is one where truth searched in dark and its cost is controllable; sustainable a business as usual. 


           Now we net work to reach  those small number of conciouse soul who are again available to us only from  the dark areas  and we need   to search for  them  is creative kind effort. Latter on it will become effort less .Past technology for future solutions, it does work here . We have taken the hlep of tradition and culture  to create the success by effort less effort at production of world calss at rural cost .Now  we have to take the help of Net-service to make them reach right audience.  
















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