My question to you ethical driven readers, is - What is ethical photography?

My fist thoughts was journalistic photos that share and make awareness of pro-aid work, or photos thats show the need before help arrives....or even the "western" societies take on living in and around ethical and recyclable things.
Is it about the subject or something else?
There is something missing.

I would love your thoughts, please share!


*Photograph attached taken by Haley Carr, a local fashion shoot for Vintage Now clothes*

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i think ethical photography should be the photography from real life. It should be focused on exposing the poor people, evil thing and unfair of the society, so they will be given more attention
i think ethical photography doesn't mean only to exposing the poor people, evil thing and unfair of the society, ethical photography also mean to get inspiration , to get positive feeling to help poor people ,to make voice against unfair of society.
i agree with your saying, but i should say the essence of enical photography is to uncover the reality without prejudice
Good response. However, what would you then say about the processing side of developing film? This surely isnt ethical, but just say I were to shoot ethical pictures, do you think this process would be justified?
Depends what you mean by Ethical photography. If its Ethical fashion, then I think hat's just creative photography of ethically source clothing and accessories etc.

If you are purely talking about photography, then I think its a combination of factors. The taking of the picture shouldn't exploit anyone, but in today's society how can you gauge that when so much outsourcing is done to China and India etc where exploitation is rife. You have no way of knowing, so the only way you can justify yourself as a ethical photographer is to take all steps to ensure your picture taking puts less of a footprint on the planet than others.

As for subject matter. I agree with Ravi, Ethical photography doesn't have to be about the negative, although that is the easy path as there is so much of it. A truly creative person will try and give a positive message to what they see and record.

Just my thoughts



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