When I grew up my Mum used to take my brother and me clothes shopping twice a year; Once about March time and once in autumn. If we went on holidays in the summer a third time got squeezed in. Before we went she took us in our rooms and emptied the closet to take stock. Did our trousers still fit? Was there anything we needed definitely new? How about a new winter coat, or was the old one still ok? I never had a problem with that, we were free to choose the style of clothes we wanted, just not the items. If we went for a coat we came home with a coat. As I went on to shop on my own I probably went off that route a little. Over recent years I discovered though that all those pieces I purchased after a period of saving and careful choice are my most coveted ones. Which has lead me back to my shopping roots...save up, take stock, go out for a coat. come home with a coat (and maybe with a matching bangle...).
How often do you shop?
And what motivates you to buy?
Is there a favourite item you tend to spend more on?
How much do you usually spend on your clothes (daily clothes, not evening wear)?

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