What's your opinon: How would you make eco fashion desirable to the trend driven consumer?

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So, in your opinion how would you make eco fashion desirable to the trend driven consumer?

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In my oppion trends are dictated from a number of sources such as films, music, celebrtites also museum exhibits, colour trends and major events. also a lot of fashion is based on a cycle so to me using old vintage clothing and reworkking them slightly to fit into a modern setting is just how eco fashion can become acceptable to a trend driven consumer. also if you change the way celebreties, films ect and intergrate eco fashion into their clothing soon the consumers will follow.


there are so many different trends avaible today i guess its also up to the designer to make something that is unique to also stand out of the crowd. eco fashion is also another "trend" so as more follow, the more eco fashion products become avaible.


there are many different ways to approach this. this is only a small section that of the larger scale in my oppionioin.


P.s so sorry about the spelling mistake.

Thank you for sharing your opinion Ceri, I totally agree, Trends are driven from so many aspects of life, The more eco fashion is integrated into our everyday lives or adopted by taste makers, then the desire for eco fashion will spread to the unconverted. 

It is an exciting movement to be a part of, as consumer attitudes are forever changing and aim to support a more positive future. 

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