I have so many burning issues that change on a daily basis!

I've been thinking lately about the ethics of op shopping (buying second hand clothes). It's definitely high on the green list of most, but I wonder whether this becomes an excuse for lovers of fast fashion to buy up big, but feel 'good' about putting their loot in the charity bin two (fashion) minutes later?

Yes, of course, re-using what already exists is definately a good thing, but is it an exchange to be encouraged into the future? It still keeps the sweat-shops alive...

...just wandering what you think!

Jen x

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Repair till the Death! I like that mantra.

I know there is some great techniques in repairing denim now, but for other items of clothing - apart from small 'mending' - it's a big expectation for (most western) people to wear obviously patched clothing.

I do a lot of mending of clothes, but only to the point that they still look 'fresh'.

Jen x


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