With Fair Jewelry Action we at Lifeworth Consulting have just published a study on the ethical performance of luxury jewellery brands. You can read a summary on Diamonds.net or see the press release and download the report from out site.

The major brands are found to be lagging innovations in ethical sourcing. We mention a few brands that are leading a new agenda for jewellery, uncluding CRED Jewellery, Fifi Bijoux, JEL and Brilliant Earth. 

The report will be updated and adapted as a chapter in my forthcoming book on sustainable luxury management, which will update the ideas and info in the WWF report I cowrote:Deeper Luxury.

Which other jewellery brands do you think I should look at for my book, and, in the context of the agenda outlined in the report, why are such brands important to mention?

Any leads would be really useful.

Thanks, Jem Bendell

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Hi Jem,


What a great piece of research and well needed.


I would also include Made, who have worked with retailers such as Topshop, ASOS, John Lewis, Whistles, Jigsaw. They were used as fabulous case study in our Excellence training event as they are such a success story. There is a great article about them in the members section of the SOURCE Magazine here


There is a free article on the SOURCE Mag which looks at a number of ethical jewellery designers as part of an 'ethical weddings' collection. here which may be of use.


There are also some great ethical jewellery designers in our SOURCE Directory which you can view here and filter by jewellery.


I hope this helps. Feel free to contact us if you have any specifc questions we can help with.




Emma, EFF


Oh, and of course Caipora who have just won the EFF Innovation award 2011 for Accessories!!

You can see their profile here, You can also check out the shortlisted applicants as there were a number of other great accessories designers with truly innovative ideas.





Hi Jem,


You may be interested in reading the new article on the SOURCE magazine this month looking at fairtrade and fairmined gold at London Jewellery Week. There are a few jewellery designers mentioned at the end.








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