Hi everybody!

I'm conducting a survey for my company to find out what fashion means to everyone. I will use the finding in a press release in the future but I would love to have your input! 

I want to know what fashion means to you (a way of expression, merely the clothes you put on, ect.). Thank you! 

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I'm just curious to see what fashion means to other people & what kind of catagory to you fall into? I myself follow the band wagon really with.


For me its really about communicating with others. 

Hy! Fashion is verry important to me..I like to impress everyone :)  Check out my facebook page and you will see what i mean :)  https://www.facebook.com/SophyDress


I don't know if this is exactly what you are looking for but for me personally I have a keen interest in children's fashion.

I often find that children's wear is very 'grown up'. I like children's clothes to be just that...for children. I think it is important to have designs on children's clothing which do not represent a 'mini adult', so designs such as animals, teddy bears and patterns are all very appropriate and adorable.

This is what I mean:


Hope this helps but if you would like any further info please do not hesitate to contact me.



Fashion is something which means the life style. This style is expressed by dress, footwear, perfume, haircut, even body language.It may be different from person top person. It also varies at society and ages.  

Fashion is more than just clothes and style. It's quality over quantity, and shows the type of person you're and how creative you can really be. Whether it's overrated mainstream clothing or underrated underground clothing or both mixed together within your style, It's the uniqueness of how you appear to others that really makes you stand out. 

I fall into both the overrated and underrated category, Why? Because I simply love both and I find mixing and matching your style with different brands rather than just stuck on one or two make you really get your creative detailed side out to the public. 

What's Hot & What's NOT Fashion List


fashion means everything to me...its the way people express themselves..their style, things that they like...showing that they care about their appearance.


Fashion for me can be a trend, behavior of oneself, or your style of clothes. Some uses fashion to express their inner most emotions some uses it to please another, and most uses it to please themselves. My fashion is on suits, it makes me feel strong, alive, contented, and stylish.


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