Even though some people begin to give attention to S/S fashion trends 2016, I don't know which style is popular and what kind of fabric is loved by people this year. Can you answer me?

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New York Fashion week spring 2016 gives a different look as it looks fabulous in her converse vegan shoes and striped colored dress. If you thought kicks are old season, think again. They are here to stay, and if you haven’t warmed up to the idea yet it’s time you get them out in style as you can see on addresschic articles.

Hello Kristen,

I appreciate your post, the autumn 2015 style season is very nearly upon us, and obviously, we would prefer truly not to consider next winter yet either. Be that as it may, with a rainbow of force coats. Oasis Fabric as known as the party fabric of the season.

Mainly, the vegan fashion comes in trend from 2015. But isn't it the year 2015 an odd time for fur to be such a major trend? Aren't we a bit too progressive? Fur fabrication often involves animal cruelty, not to mention environmentally harmful processes. Its growing presence in the luxury market just doesn't be with our era's emphasis on social and ecological consciousness.


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