I have recently started my own womenswear brand, I am desperately looking for somewhere in the UK, preferably in London where I can get rid of all my fabric waste, is it possible to find a place to recycle this kind of waste??

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you could donate it to colleges and universities. I go to Bournemouth Arts and know a girl who only uses off cuts to save them from landfill. Hope that helps.
well I am talking about tiny pieces that are left(I have been gathering them for a while now and have a big rubbish bag full of them) after you cut out the pieces you need, its basically scraps, its not enough to use again for clothing, it just seems a shame to put it in regular waste...

Try a company called LMB their sorting facilities are based in east london and they have collection banks all over. I went to their sorting plant to collect some recycled fabric for a project I was doing. I definitely saw smaller pieces so am sure they will take yours if you contact them and find out the best way to do it.


great I will have a look at that:)

I am trying to find a place in the US for my textile runoff as well!  We re-use most scrap but Serger runoff etc is not something we can use.  

We tried to find somewhere years ago and turned up nothing.

I am not going to give up yet, I believe the has to be some sort of option, since here in the UK the is such a big issue with recycling.

I saved my workroom non-recyclables for all of 2010 and it amounted to one large household garbage bag :)  It was in a lovely vase at my table at the Elegantly Green Wedding Showcase.  

Really not cool that thread spools aren't recyclable including Gutterman who I assumed would have it figured out by now.

good idea maybe I should just make it in to an installation:))

Not sure if it's of interest, but we recently started an Offcuts & Reclaimed section to our site:  http://bit.ly/f7FbGP

You could defo add them on there if you wanted?

Thanks, OW

Hiya...thanx I will def register on your website, but the prob I have is that it is literally scraps of fabrics that can not be reused, maybe made into wadding or stuffing for toys, but I dont want to throw it away:(
No probs - we can put them as bags on the site, and hopefully someone will be looking for stuffing alternatives!  And bobs your uncle!


I volunteer for a company charity called Fine Cell Work. They are always looking for fabric donations. Depending on whether it is relevant/what they are looking for, it might be worth contacting them through their website?


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