The history of jewelry in human being is a long story. Of course, we still can see the shinning given out from traditional jewelry, and the showing in modern jewelry. No matter what kind of change happened on modern jewelry, or no matter how fashionable the jewelry is today, we still can find out the shadow left from tradition. 2014 trendy fashion jewelry had been published on so many fashion stages. From those top fashion jewelry, we can date back to tradition and then have a deeper knowing about intelligence of our ancestors.

1. Long dangle earrings
Long dangle earrings have been treated as popular elements in fashion women’s world, so it is essential for trendy looking. It is popular with women because it has the ability to show a woman’s charming to the full. When woman wears it, the moving of earrings is so attractive for people who around her.

2. Animal shaped jewelry
The factor of animal had been applied into jewelry from ancestor’s age on. They understood how to make animal’s image looks friendly and beautiful. In 2014 top fashion jewelry lists, animal shaped jewelry still held an important status.

3. Flower shaped jewelry
The image of flower has been applied into jewelry for a long history, because people commonly thought that flower is the symbol of good blessing and the best wishes. Flower shape has been used into jewelry in a wide spectrum. As we can see that the same color and the same shaped flower has been applied into jewelry design all the time.

4. Hollow out jewelry
Hollow out jewelry as if is popular with people all the time. From an early time, people started to use hollow out figure to decorate jewelry, so that the jewelry looks more beautiful and with more sense of fashion and art. Till today, the shadow of hollow out figure still has an important status in fashion jewelry world.

5. Huggie earrings
As we can see that huggie earrings have been treated as mainstream of fashion from early time, they indeed have a strong decoration result. In tradition, people knew that huggie style earrings with fresh color are beautiful and unique. Right application of color and animal design lights up the whole looking of earrings.

6. Big gems
The big gems in fresh color have been applied into jewelry also from an early time. Jewelry includes big gems is the highlight in jewelry looking forever. A single gem is beautiful and looks high in fashion taste. In fashion jewelry world, metal and gem are the best matching all the time. So you never worry that it will fade on the stage of fashion.

Modern has been improved from traditional design, which leads to today’s excellent fashion jewelry. In the list of top fashion jewelry, we always can find the trace of tradition. No matter how long we walk on the road of fashion, we can date back to our history at any time. Fashion, in fact, is a kind of respect to tradition.

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