Is Fashion Wearing Out The World?

The short answer to this question is: yes.

But... If you want to read a book about it here's the blurb:

To Die For peels back the layers of the global wardrobe to reveal the naked truth about the big-name luxury 'it' brands we swear by and the cheap clothes we believe we can't live without. In this impassioned book, Lucy Siegle champions sustainable solutions that will break the cycle of exploitative style with its heavy, secret price tag. She advocates a new design era of real fashion - that looks well beyond the label - stressing the importance of purchasing decisions bolstered by the principles of individualism and style pedigree.

Livia Firth (Husband called Colin) - 'Lucy Siegle's book has opened my eyes to the true story of fashion. It has changed the way I view and wear my clothes. If Lucy didn't exist I would've had to invent her!'

How gracious.

The book almost exclusively relates to the UK fashion scene apart from when she intrepidly visits the hell on earth locations our clothes are sourced. Her writing style made me want to quit the book after the first few pages. Every sentence is crammed full of flowery adjectives and adverbs making you think your reading a book about unusual and useless words. Second complaint is that each page has too many statistics, going from weight, to volume, to cost, to people, in a heart beat. I skipped the first few chapters and started at Chapter 6 and read up to chapter 11. Then I went back to chapter 3 and read up to 6. Then I went back to 11 and finished the book.

So I definitely recommend the middle of this book... all about synthetics, cotton, wool, fur, leather.

Since you've got it out from the library you may as well read the rest I suppose.

Chapters One and Two - 1 star.

Chapters Three to Five - 3.5 stars.

Chapters Six to Eleven - 5 stars.

Chapters Twelve to Fifteen - 2 stars.

Happy Reading.

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