Techniques and recipes for dying fabrics, yarns and fibres at home.

Eva Lambert and Tracy Kendall


This book is great. The content and instructions are really simple and clear. This book has the exact recipes for 96 colours for fabrics and 36 for yarns! The techniques have step by step photos. Even though my local library has it, I'm still buying this one. I hesitate to say this but for me personally I feel that this book is better than Eco Colour by India Flint. It's not as romantic or mystical as Eco Colour but it's practicality is boombastic. Five stars.

























P.S. That's the American cover.




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super! thanks for the upload


Who here is using natural dyes in their fashion projects??

All natural  tannin binder based yarn dyed  for shirt material on  on Organic cotton . Available in  small volumes of say, 100 meters lengths . 45 inch width . contact for more details

Denim Indigo yarn dyed  deep blue  comes in 59 inch width  in heavy ,medium, light  weights.

Yarn dyed Jersey for T.s. fabric available .

Ahimsa /Peace Silk . Since all items are hand made  and hand dyed with non timber wastes from forest  plantations  no certificate available . 100% Chemical free  Denin jeans .97% natural dyed other items  including silk .All  cotton items are  organic - cottons.


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