I am designing a capsule fashion collection for exhibition. The purpose is to promote luxurious sustainability. I am searching for fabric and especially componant suppliers with products matching my purpose. Please contact me if you have any information or advice!

Emily Pearce

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I too am looking for the same. If you get anywhere please let me know.
Good Luck. I'll keep you posted if I find any.
Hi Emily,

we are the suppliers of organic garments and products and please specify what kind of products you are looking for and we will be happy to help you out. Please check out our website and contact us for future assistance.

website: www.zameen.org
contact: Prashanthi
Email: Bannu1@hotmail.com

It's not easy trying to be green. Great that Your purpose is to Promote Sustianablity. I am also very eco-conscious and fashion-conscious specially the clothes I wear. Hope its good for the economy, the environment and the world. Good Luck!
Hi Emily,
My name is Lesley Cordova. I just wanted to introduce myself to you as I am venturing a similar initiative of eco-luxury, men's shirtings out of my studio in Paris. Wishing you well! I am in the fabric development and sourcing stage of my collection and as I have worked in the New York fashion industry prior to moving here, I have many contacts (mills, suppliers, factories,etc...). It is quite a process, especially all the criteria that must be met by each individual process in clothes-making.

Please do keep in touch, as a fellow designer, I like meeting people with similar tastes and environmental concerns.

Be well,

lesley@lesleycordova.com ou lcord13@yahoo.com
lesley cordova on facebook
Hi Emily,
We produce 'almost carbon neutral' silks which might interest you. Please let us know more about what you want.
Dear Shailini,

I am a fashion designer and I am sourcing sustainable fabrics at the moment.
"Almost carbon neutral silk" sounds very interesting. Could you give me more details about your products and company?

Many thanks,

Thanks to everyone who has responded. To be more clear, by components I am specifying fastenings, threads etc. In particular I am looking for buttons and buckles. If any one has any information please respond!

Thanks, Emily
Hi Emily.

I know these are not specifically recycled, but I dis come across the following company in Brazil who are an ethical company supplying mainly naturally-sourced buttons, fastenings etc : http://www.bsbotoes.com.br

We are still trying (with difficulty...) to source ethical components ourselves, so post up anyone you find, would be great to know...

There is
Hi everyone,

I am now specifically looking for reclaimed, recycled, and sustainable belt buckles. Preferablly in 'classic' or utilitarian styles. Please respond if you have any information.


Hey I really appreciate you for promoting sustainability. Living green is not at all an easy task. Its an ability of an ecosystem to maintain ecological processes, functions, biodiversity and productivity into the future. All the best and Good Luck!
Hello eco-fabric hunters!

We have just uploaded an ethical fabric resources and suppliers list on the resources section of the website click the link below... hope it helps!




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