Hi,I am conducting a survey for my MA project at London College of Fashion to understand the consumer behaviour towards eco-fashion clothing in the premium and luxury segment with a primary focus on eco-luxuryT-shirts. Please go to this link and fill up the survey questionnaire.


Please forward this all your friends as well. Your opinions and viewpoints matter alot and it would be of great help to me if you couldcomplete the survey. Thank you once again.

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Just filled in your survey but there was nothing about buying people-friendly goods, except in fair trade certified factories from a list of third world countries available from the fair trade foundation, which I thought obscure. There was nothing about buying goods made in countries with useful courts, votes, unemployment pay, sick pay, pensions, universal health services, or even state subsidised fashion colleges - all things that add to the cost of a T shirt from http://www.palmunderwear.co.uk and reduce the cost of a Vistaprint / Fruit of the Loom T shirt or a Primark T shirt from Haiti like the ones I really wear and out politicians want us to wear.

"Organic, eco-friendly and Fair trade clothing" are the options (I guess grandly) for someone who believes in

maximum global trade,

minimum boycotting of bad regimes, maybe in hope of greater wealth leading to greater virtue in China

currency manipulation by the Bank of England to reduce inflation, which is public and admitted to on their web site but never mentioned by people in other public-funded jobs when they write about UK factories

currency manipulation by the Bank of China to increase the power of the elite in China which is partly admitted to and widely known - for example by Creative Connexions who are based in the Students Union building next to photography and language labs....
http://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/creative_connexions_brief_and... The words in their report are so mundane as to be hard to read but they mean something interesting:
"Financial export restrictions / guarantees: Medium
Chinese income held in China and used to offset partner (mainly China) costs on other (e.g. recruitment) operations. "

That means that the authorities in China do not want anyone boosting the value of their currency by buying a lot of it to invest; they want a low value for their currency and for the elite in China to shovel the maximum possible amount of money back out again in purchases of shares and assets in the rest of the world rather than spending any of it on things like schools, pensions, unemployment pay or even free hospitals: they close free hospitals in China.

So after filling-in your form I'm interested to know if you can return the favour by telling me more about London College of Fashion. Do you know why their buildings are used to promote such an extreme version of globalisation out of money intended to support local businesses with a knowledge transfer partnership?

Get in touch directly if it's embarrassing to slag off your college on a message board: I can be contacted via http://www.veganline.com/ask.htm

First of all, thank you so much for filling up my survey. This is a small 3000-word project for my course, so I was asked to focus on a very niche market and a small topic so that I can cover it well.

That is why, I am only doing the ' consumer behaviour towards eco-luxury T-shirts'. My topic is very focussed.

But, I am glad that you have pointed these out me. I feel that not many people are aware of it, including me (as a consumer). Thanks again.

On the issues regarding my college, I hope I shall be able to throw some light on these issues on a personal level.
I shall find out more and write to you soon.


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