Hi there. I'm a London based ethical/eco-friendly handbag designer, working on my first collection. I'm really interested in meeting people in the same situation via email or in person. It would be great to have someone who shares the same ideals to bounce ideas off and get me out of my self-imposed solitary confinement! If you're interested, please drop me a line. Thanks, Catherine

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I have also just launched my own ethical fashion label based in London, feel free to check it out and get in touch:



Thanks, Cecilia.
Hi Catherine, i am based in HK and just started putting together a womenswear line - Peony rice... would love to bounce some stuff around....!
I am interested to work with your company for promotion our jute, canvas and leather bag and silk scarves.

Hi Catherine ,

Welcome to the board of echo friendly environment, My name is Prashanthi and go through our website www.zameen.org and let us know if we can be of any help to you and my email address is Bannu1@hotmail.com and good luck.


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