Dear All,

I am very new to this, got so many ideas and plans: would like to open a boutique to first just distribute clothes from designers' own labels (recycle, upcycle, ethical, organic), but eventually I would like to have my own high-end label made from recycle, ethical and smart textiles. I have started my research but I would appreciate if you could please give me any sort of info or resources that could be useful for me on the following:

- need books/websites I could learn about textiles, history, all needed basics to get familiar with the retail/fashion industry (I want to deal with the business side of the things, not desgining, but I need to learn all the bits and pieces from the bottom - names and types of textiles etc.)
- sourcing UK based manufacturers (mainly bigger ones producing clothing for high street, or high end chains - for cut offs, left over materils etc.)
- sourcing the same manufacturers in Europe
- anything on smart materials in fashion design.

I would appreciate any useful idesas how to go about this.
Thank you so much.


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check out a fabric called Icefil or Megaheat. As an apparel designer that works for the outdoor market, they are the future of tech fabrics. The company is not based in the UK, but they are flexible with working with small runs.

good luck!
Thanks so much.

Would you know by any chance where I could find some research materils on new smartmat fabrics, textiles so I learn about them more?

I appreciate your help, and thanks for the advice :)


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