small dye works in the uk?? And are they environmentally friendly?

I am wanting to start an up-cycled clothing line but I will need to dye some of the fabrics. I live in Bristol and have only managed to find a place in Leisester.Does anyone know of a another place that dyes quantities such as 200 kilos but in 10 different colours?
Also, I want there to be minimum environmental impact.I have read that in the EU certain AZO dyes (the nasties) have been banned and anyway had rarely been used in Europe over the past 20 years anyway and that the AZO' s that are allowed (of which there are a lot) are often less harmful than some non-AZO dyes.As the used dye water in the UK will be treated before it goes anywhere, what is the main problem to the environment or is it really about electricity and water usage? (This is assuming that I can find proof that no-one is being harmed in the production of the dyes) Any advice or pointers towards where I can find any would be greatly appreciated. Many Thanks
p.s- has anyone ever come across a vegetable/plant dye works in the UK?

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