I would like to produce a small children's clothing line and I am looking for a reliable factory with good working conditions and will cater for a very small production.

I would also like to print my own designs onto t-shirts and fabric.

If anyone can help me regarding the above, I will be most grateful


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     I am pleased to introduce my company Guangzhou Yiguangtang Garment Co., Ltd. Specialising in the small run production of women’s fashion and various workwear of high quality in quick turnaround, we can produce by your sketches, pictures or samples. Our services include pattern making, grading, sample making, fabric purchase, production, door-to-door delivery by international express and so on.  I'm sure you will be happy with the communication, the prices, the development and the production! Go to our website http://www.womenclothingcn.com/ for more information, or email me at mrzhou@womenclothingcn.com

   Let me know if you are interested and if so, please contact me.



I think it would be hard finding someone here to give you a hand with that. But this might be of help you tho : Custom Tailors - Hiras Fashion . You can give it a try, since they provide their own fabrics and designs. 

Give me a feedback on this, thanks!


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