Scarf factory / Newest scarf collection stronger your store

As a leading scarf factory, scarf supplier in China, Longland, professional in the high end quality scarves with your custom scarf designs, from sampling to the production.

From now on we pay more attention on the new start-up fashion designer or owner who start with the new stores or online shop.

we prepare more custom scarf designs that 50pcs per design available, for these existed designs, should be super hot styles, because some will occur in your shop before that can find from the Ebay, Etsy, etc. 

More details? Just email or call us directly.

Regan Du | Sales Director
Office: 86 512 6708 5391

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I prefer to this kind of check cape which can be used as a scarf as well. Want more cape scarfs like this!

I like the scarfs that suits with my clothing regularly. I dont like to buy numerous scarfs for each dress. Also i want scarf according to the latest vegan clothing trend.


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