I´m a resercher from Brazil, and i´m working as a sustainable curator for an International Event will occur in Rio next year. So, i would like to know people who are creatinh or reserching in this area.

If you profile feed this terms, please write me, and send me your e-mail.

best regards

Prof. Msc Lilyan Berlim

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Hi Lilyan,


I have a few suggestions:


Firstly, Veja are a fabulous footwear brand who use organic cotton from the Northeast of Brazil, wild Amazonian rubber and ecological leather.  Their website is: http://www.veja.fr/#/projets/VISION-26


Ethical Fashion Show have hosted a show in Rio. Their website is: http://www.ethicalfashionshow.com/efs2/homepage.html


I would also recommend you connect with SPINNA, Womens International Textile Alliance.They have carried out a lot of work in Latin America, mainly Peru, but could still be a great contact. Illaria is a member of EFF's Ethical Fashion Consultancy. http://www.spinna.org/OurTeam.aspx


Mumo work in Brazil: http://mumo-uk.com/home.html


I hope this helps, feel free to contact me if you have any queries.


Kind Regards,





Thank you a lot for your help, Emma.

It will help me.

I write you after contact then to told how it goes. 

Best regards,



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