REFIX Magazine- an ethical fashion and eco-lifestyle magazine is looking for writers and designers for our premier issue.

This magazine is targeted at males and females between the ages of 18-28 yrs.

Things we are looking for:

-clothing for fashion spreads

-articles regarding personal experience in the ethical fashion industry

-articles on environmental organizations worldwide

-street fashion photos (see for examples)

-Do-It-Yourself fashion tutorials 

-designer interviews

-eco-conscious/eco-friendly products and beauty product reviews

Here's a bit about the magazine:

The magazine will be launching Spring 2011. The intent of “REFIX Magazine” is to inspire those of generation y to be more aware of their personal consumption and how     they affect the world. With all of the gadgets we are accustomed to --from smartphones to laptops-- we often lose touch with the reality of the world and the things going on   within it. So many existing magazines promote beauty and fashion, but tend to make young readers self-conscious of their own image while encouraging them to consume,     consume, and consume to be “in style” like the models dawning the fashion spreads.

As an eco-conscious advocate, REFIX Magazine will offer young people an alternative read by only reporting on ethical fashion (sustainable, organic, recycled), social awareness, and people making a difference in their communities. It will also inform/educate, rather than manipulate, young readers about issues that are going on in the world, encouraging them to be less wasteful and compassionate towards the world and the people within it. 

To be involved, please send an email to the editor- Andrea Krystine-

Love always.

ecologique fashion

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