I have been asked to make a dress which is OBVIOUSLY recycled. Ive been asked to take the route of literally using rubbish! Does any one have any other ideas of OBVIOUSLY recycled items I could use that would still look glamourous as Im not sure the rubbish thing is going to work. Or can anyone advise me of whats the best rubbish to use to gain an elegant look?

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I think that you as a designer should be the one to decide what recycled is, not the person asking for the dress. If I were you, I would recycle another garment, choosing how strong a reference you want to make to the original. For example, a hospital gown or an old military uniform, made into something else would make sense to me.
I know I really like the idea of recycling old garments, but its for an event where the customer wont get to talk to the judges and needs it to be blatently obvious that its recycled :(


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