Hello Everyone,


do you know specifica venues, organizations who deal with renting out pop-up shops in London.

I have been hearing about this for a while, but so far unfortunately did not manage to find anything on the web, for contacts or whereabouts. Please if you have any info share it with me ;)


Thanks a lot.


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HI I was just curious if you found any organisations in London to set up your pop-up shop. I am starting an online business and I need to set up a pop-up shop, I was thinking of going with Carnaby Street. You can get more information here:- http://www.carnaby.co.uk/live_work/static_content.cfm?page_id=31

You can also try ideashop which is an ad agency that helps promotes small to medium businesses pop-up shops in the UK.


Thanks so much for the ideas been busy on Portobello market.
thanks again xxx
Hi, Thankyou for that.I tried Portobello actually but for various reasons need to keep it local to Bristol/Bath
Ooh, not sure about them, but we've got a great link on our Ethical Database (that we're in the middle of developing so I'm probably not really meant to say!) called "Camden Town Unlimited" - I'm not sure where you're based, but they focus on the Camden Area (obviously) and they've got a fairly new "pop up shop" initiative! So could be perfect?
Anyway, here's the link: http://www.camdentownunlimited.com/projects/pop-shops

Hope you find it useful!
(And when we're up and running you'll be able to find info like that in our Ethical Database at www.offsetwarehouse.com)

Hello Charlie,

this sounds great :)

thanks so much.

Thankyou for that.Sorry it has taken so long to reply! I thought I had it set up so that threads came through to my inbox- i was wondering why no-one ever replied!!

I am Bristol based and run an ethical clothing website.I am looking to do a pop-up shop in the Bristol or Bath area in November/December and would ideally like to do it with others who are selling ethically made goods. Anyone interested???..
Hi there
I've just tried to message you directly but as a complete newbie sent a friend request instead!
Have you tried the Empty Shops network? Not sure its exactly what you are looking for but they do a lot of work with creatives in exhibiting art work and fashion.
Hope it helps


thanks so much for this!
will definitely check it out!


Might not be of any use what so ever but up here in the North East the "Pop Up" shops are organised by the local councils - we have loads of them going on up here as they are really active with it. I curated one of the events and pulled together 5 other textile & fashion designers - was great fun!!!

There was one running in London that I randomly stumbled across in July and am signed up to the mailing list for the designer in there - I'll see if I can dig out her details for you...

Good luck,



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