Two things, firstly I am looking to freelance for any online fashion magazines for free. I will soon be graduating from my MA International Journalism, and I would like to stick specifically to writing about fair trade and ethical fashion globally.

Secondly, in the mean time I'm looking to write an article about the importance of ethical fashion in mainstream fashion today, especially hearing that Stella MacCartney has now designed a line for Gap Kids (who are notorious for sweatshop labour). If anyone would like to email me information about their label, designs, or anything to do with how you promote fair trade and ethical fashion, please email it to csy.yau@gmail.com.

My article will discuss the benefits of ethical fashion, how up-and-coming designers and innovators such as the people on here are changing the face of fashion, and why it should be the norm in the fashion world.

I have been motivated to write an article on this because it shocks me that the high-end fashion magazines such as Elle or Vogue do not devote even a single column to the promotion of such an important issue.
If the article is well-received online, I am hoping to devote a blog to ethical fashion, which will promote ethical designers and anything else to do with fashion. This blog will hopefully introduce a new audience to the benefits of fair trade, ethical, and affordable fashion, and help people seek out fashion that is wearable, on trend, affordable and isn't disposable. Essentially, it will keep it's finger on the pulse of Ethical Fashion.



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Hi Cindy
We are putting on FF09 - The fashionable Fundraiser and also promoting ethical fashion through the process. We have used this event to link designers in our area with other creative industries as well as linking the fashion education institutions with ethical ways of improving their cirriculum in a practical way - so we got them to do it!
Check out our web site at www.ff09.com

We are producing a program for the event which will see speakers from the ethical fashion forum attending and thought it would be great if you would contribute something to our program. Maybe a piece discussing the way forward etc

feel free to talk this through further
would be good to hear from you

Hi David,

Thanks for the interest, how can I help promote FF09? My email address is csy.yau@gmail.com and I can email you my phone number if you would prefer to speak about what you would like me to write.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

I am working on an ethical label and doing an online newsletter as well would you like to work?
Thanks you can give me any article for the 1st issue of my ethical online magazine , ayyazuddinlondon. I will publish it in the last week of Jan.
Hi Cindy,
I work at www.ethicalconsumer.org, where we regularly write on ethical fashion.
Contact me on bryony[at]ethicalconsumer.org



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