Nolcha and Bel Esprit add the Ethical Fashion Runway Collective to the Ethical Fashion Preview

Nolcha is offering the chance for participants of the Ethical Fashion Preview in association with Bel Esprit to have certain items selected from their collection to be  a part of the Ethical Fashion Runway Collective during Nolcha Fashion Week: New York September 2010. The runway show will feature 30 looks of Spring/Summer 2011 brands that adhere to environmental, ecological and/or fair trade principles.  Nolcha Fashion Week is held during New York Fashion Week and gives emerging designers a platform to show their collections.

The new runway show at the Ethical Fashion Preview is a perfect opportunity for the talented designers of contemporary sustainable fashion to show off their style during New York Fashion Week and continue to put ethical fashion on the map.  The Bel Esprit Showroom partnered with Nolcha to create the Ethical Fashion Preview and gives designers additional, cost-effective, promotion and marketing both before and after the event to maximize the exposure designers will receive from the event.  Designers also have the opportunity to participate in additional events with the Showroom to help sell their collections.

The Ethical Fashion Preview is a day dedicated to exhibiting select independent fashion brands who hold to sustainable, organic and eco-friendly fashion standards. The addition of the Ethical Fashion Runway Collective is a natural progression to support the ever-growing consumer demand for responsible fashion choices. The runway show will demonstrate that ethical fashion can be a chic feature in every wardrobe.

For more information and/or to receive an application please contact Bel Esprit Showroom

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