Hallo everybody, I have just started writing a blog which will feature, among  other things, sustainable products/brands. I am particularly interested in presenting companies based in Asia, because I am studying the evolution of the eco-consciousness and fair trade in this part of the world (and I am based in China), but contributors from other parts of the world are equally welcome. So please if any of you would like to be featured contact me send me a message or friend me on the forum. Thanks for your help!

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Nice eco brands are exceeding. natural eco friendly rugs are also in demand.

We are specializing in natural Indigo t-shirts , denim jeans  and terry cotton towels  all re organic and natural ethnic 4/5 colour dyed  and delivered on custom order . Get in touch with us any need on them !

Hi there

I run Where Does It Come From? which is an ethical brand of children's clothes where each garment's supply chain can be traced by the customer.  We are based in the UK but our partner, Moral Fibre Fabrics, is based in Gujarat, India. Check us out at www.wheredoesitcomefrom.co.uk.


Jo Salter


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