Hallo everybody, I have just started writing a blog which will feature, among  other things, sustainable products/brands. I am particularly interested in presenting companies based in Asia, because I am studying the evolution of the eco-consciousness and fair trade in this part of the world (and I am based in China), but contributors from other parts of the world are equally welcome. So please if any of you would like to be featured contact me send me a message or friend me on the forum. Thanks for your help!

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Hi Mariella!!
You can check my site (under construction) www.maribeldesign.blogspot.com
I make natural, eco-friendly, sustainable jewels using Tagua (vegetable Ivory) and other Tropical Seeds. Tagua is very similar to elephant ivory in clour, herdness and texture; it can be carved, polished and dyed with beautiful colours. The seeds are collected from the ground and left to dry further, no damage is suffered by the tree!
If interested you may join my blog!
Hi Andrea, thanks for your reply will surely check your blog!
hi Mariella,
im based in the UK and im the only wholesaler or eco fashion Bamboo eyewear ..in the Uk 2010..
i import from Hong Kong please check my home page i would like to appear in your blog..
all press is good for business,..


Hey there! This sounds wonderful and because of brand is relatively small, it'd be great to get some exposure (providing you like what we do, of course!) All of our products are on www.mygreenbag.co.uk and yep, we are a handbag company! My Green Bag probably said it all! We hand make all our products ourselves from organic material and a lot of the materials are sourced from the Middle East. Let us know what you think and all the best :)


Hello Mariella,

I just checked out your blog, I noticed you changed it to Hollywood Road, looks good!

You might want to check out my website, I sell organic cotton fairtrade T-shirts perinted with my own designs, many of which carry an environmental message.



Hello Mariella,

I design the MuMu organic ethical clothing made from organic cotton and other sustainable fabrics which are all Fair Trade.

Please visit my site and feel free to contact me at sales@mumusyros.gr.

I would be happy to be featured on your blog.

Thank you



I would like to learn more about how hair used for wigs and hair system is gathered - i.e. is it done ethically?

Congratulation on your joining for this blog if you have any queries let me know


You might like to take a look at my website Xoomba.org. We are not manufacturing in Asia so I'm not sure if it is a fit for you. We make organic textiles and clothing in Burkina Faso and I believe we are the first to do so in West Africa. All the best with your blog

Heather Chaplet
hey...! its nice to hear that you are interested doing such blog stuff... in fact its the new way to interact with people and also to provide them with some relevant information... i will definitely go through your blog... :)

I represent A&A Eco products. We are wholesalers and stockists of all kinds of organic fabrics like organic cotton, peace silk and organic linen. I stock from all around asia and also work with a lot of weavers for handlooms. I work on low moqs as I want the fabrics to become as mainstream as possible,specially with start up designers and students. Quantities being the biggest issue with eco fabric procuring.

We have also worked out a few blends to make fabrics more durable and affordable specially recycled polyester. I strongly believe one needs to make the raw material affordable in order for it to become a mass product. Unlike what people think eco fabrics can be cheap if one works smartly.

We also donate fabrics to certain ngo's who cut them up and make them into beautiful accessories and rugs. This over run or rejected fabric is also sold to buyers per kg so that the fabric is re used and not wasted.

We also do cut and sew operation and provide ready made stocks. 10 years in the industry and offer assortments from handlooms , cashmere accessories to herbal fabrics to high couture fabrics and garments.

We also grow organic vegetables around our warehouse which is distributed among our staff, Living a sustainable life is very easy and rather cheap,one needs to be passionate about the concept and needs to educate themselves in order to change others.

Great to be here and hope to connect with like minded people


Chaitanya arora


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